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Embark on Your Own Sri Lankan Culinary Experience 

Our menus are designed to give you the best Sri Lankan food combinations handpicked by our passionate team. Whether it is “Tapas style” street food that makes you feel like you are walking through the streets of Sri Lanka or a rounded dining experience of a comforting and authentic meal including our popular curries and sambols served with favourite tropical island combinations- we have got you covered. Enjoy your journey through Sri Lanka that makes your tastebuds tingle from dishes created with bold authentic flavours, inspired from different regions in Sri Lanka and made with spices unique to our beautiful little island.

Dine in Menu

Karapincha dishes are freshly cooked with spices from Sri Lanka and a combination of flavours that are a treat to the taste buds! All the dishes can be made to your specification depending on how hot (or not!) you like it, the staff are all happy to help you with your selection.

 Karapincha web-23.jpg

Hoppers, every Tuesday & Wednesday

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Tapas Menu

Sri Lankan inspired small plates, spice seasoned and bold flavour bites 

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